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Ammunition & Services

Prickly Pear has a variety of reloading supplies and components for all types of shooters. We cast lead bullets, Moly coat bullets and load ammunition to your specifications for that special hunt or competitive edge

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Reloading Classes

Learning to reload is just one of the ways to cut cost and help keep you on the range shooting more and spending less of your hard earned cash. If your looking to save costs or just wanting to load quality accurate ammo this courseĀ is for you.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

Prickly Pear offers ultrasonic cleaning for handguns, rifles, reloading presses and dies, using the latest equipment available. This is a affordable way to keep all of your weapons and equipment functioning at peak performance.

“I have been reloading pistol ammo for a while but recently moved to Tucson and decided to step it up a little and get a single stage press and increase my production. I took a class with Ray at Prickly Pear and had a great experience. Purchased a press from him and other equipment to speed up my production. Ray has gone out of his way to make sure I have my needed supplies and equipment. This is the real deal a small business that wants to make the customer happy and keep that customer for the long haul. So far I have purchased equipment and reloads. I’m extremely satisfied with all my purchases and so far Ray has stood behind them all.”
Tony K.,
“This place is awesome! I am a competitive shooter and very picky about my ammo. I just moved to the area and my reloader was still packed so i decided to check out Prickly Pear Ammo and Reloading. They made my ammo to exactly my specification. Ammo was exactly what i ordered and very accurate. Prices are so good I’m in no hurry to unpack my reloader. They will also work with you to find a load that works best for your particular gun or just load up a bunch or bulk ammo for you, your choice. Also great people to talk to with great customer service! I highly recommend Prickly Pear Ammo and Reloading to anyone who wants inexpensive yet high quality custom or bulk ammunition .”
Gabe C.,